This Sunday’s speaker will be Dean Nelson, journalist and local university professor, who will share both

  • the evolution of his thinking about LGBT issues and faith, as well as
  • an analysis of the changes in media coverage of LGBT issues.

We are honored that Sunday is the first time Nelson will have spoken publicly on LGBT issues.

Dean Nelson’s newest book is God Hides in Plain Sight (Brazos, 2009).

Upcoming AGC Programming:

All God’s Children at First Nazarene (AGC) meets almost weekly (except during some university breaks) Sundays, 2:30-4:30, at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene, 3901 Lomaland Dr., Ellipse building, main level, Bowes Conference Room. All are welcomed. Sessions are dedicated to an open discussion of LGBT issues and faith. Participants are asked to respectfully listen to and engage in a variety of contributions to discussion in a spirit of honest inquiry. Moderators ask participants to honor the announced program topic and to be courteous to speakers.