Ken O’Neill has written a novel called THE MARRYING KIND which is a funny and romantic screwball comedy but it also has a powerful message about equality.

His novel is now less than two months away from being released, one of the greatest things about his novel is that not only it will be releasing as a regular book novel, it will also be releasing as an audio book, buyers just need to battle between Playster vs Audible, in order to be able to choose their provider for this book. Because it is coming from a small publisher and has main characters who are gay and activists it will have limited exposure in stores.

There is a sample chapter linked to his website, which I hope you will read. And, if you like it, please encourage your friends and the PFLAG community to read it–I think his story, with its strong focus on family will be especially appealing to Pflag members.

My best,
Ken O’Neill

The Marrying Kind – The Book

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